Life Change Consultant


How can I help you?

Trust: If you are going to be sharing the most personal aspects of your life with someone, you need to TRUST them.  A trusting relationship provides a solid and dependable vehicle for the journey ahead.  there is no "cookie cutter" approach to life that will work for everyone.  A a good consultant in change must listen carefully in order to fully understand your world before offering solutions

Present-centered awareness: Traditional psychotherapy focuses on uncovering the past.  I emphasize the time frame where change actually happens...the present.  I teach my clients to cultivate present centered awareness in order to maximize their change potential.

Neuroplasticity:  Science now knows that the brain has the potential to be flexible or "plastic". The Low Energy Neurofeedback System, or LENS is a powerful tool that can help accelerate your progress in changing you. In addition, there are many effective brain-based technologies that are valuable tools in managing the challenges you confront along the way.

Empiricism:  Empiricism is a powerful key to our personal evolution.  Empiricism is the philosophy underlying scientific inquiry.  It teaches us to to be curious and open minded about our worlds, ask questions and then develop our own ideas about what we observe.  We are taught to test those ideas, evaluate the results and based on those results, ask a new question.  Empiricism teaches us to think critically about our worlds instead of accepting what others tell us  Using empiricism in our lives life means that we constantly approach our lives with curiosity, creativity, thoughtfulness and effectiveness.  These are mega skills that are dynamic life changers.

Your evolutionary tool box:  As an evolutionary consultant, I teach everyday skills to help you reach you goals.  The evolutionary toolbox contains extremely valuable resources to help you claim your life!